Why work for us

Female Rentokil technician with mask holding pesticide sprayer
Part of a winning team.

Be part of our world leading company. Rentokil Initial sets the new standards in what it does through innovation and the latest digital technologies. We undertake to be an Employer Of Choice, acting responsibly and respectfully.

We also appreciate that many of our colleagues have hobbies such as sports, and we understand that you value time with your family.

Rentokil Female Technician holding tablet, speaking to customers inside a home
Opportunity to earn more.

Many of our roles provide the opportunity to earn more money on top of your salary through leads, bonuses and commission.

Female Ambius Technician With Plant
Personal responsibility.

You are expected to finish your job but you often work on your own - your manager is not standing over you. For those people with route-based roles - you are responsible for your route - we will assist and support but you get to know your area and get a lot of input on how best to service your customers.

Male Rentokil Pest Control Technician With Colleague

Career path

Many of our roles have a career path to provide you with additional earning potential. We also offer multiple opportunities for career progression and development.

Some examples of this can be found in our Job Guides.

Female Rentokil Pest Control Technician In Training With Colleague

Training and development

Rentokil Initial offers a wide range of training and development programmes to enhance the skills of its colleagues.

U+ is our in-house learning and development ‘university’. It delivers programmes through various channels, including online courses via the U+ portal; face to face and team-based programmes. Over 300 courses and videos are added each year by our in-house team around topics such as sales, technical and operational best practice.

As an example of our training capability, just one of our country operations delivered over 3,000 days of technical training last year.

Three female Rentokil technicians

What is it like to work at Rentokil Initial?

Firstly, we’re a local company so you’ll be working with people who live in your same area, but also we’re a national and international company. There are opportunities to progress to other roles and career development while staying with the company is encouraged.   

Wherever you work with us and whatever role you have, there are some common themes:

We are a sales and service-led company that strives to meet our customers’ needs at all times. We have an embedded culture of ‘going the extra mile’, and we’re always looking for new ways to do things better. Where we find evidence that service is not as high as it should be, we tackle any problems head on and improve the situation as quickly as possible.

Expert professionalism is at the heart of our approach. We deliver industry-leading training and invest in better ways to deliver our services. We aim to be ‘Right First Time’. Nothing, however, is more important than colleague and customer safety. Our safety performance is world class. We want everyone to go home safe.

Rentokil Initial is a practical, down-to-earth, friendly place to work, where rules and systems are made clear and where dialogue is encouraged to deliver the best service for our customers. Our leaders are visible and there is ample opportunity to feedback your views, share experiences and help shape our company. We like to say ‘thank you’ and recognise achievements locally.

Our people work hard and are reliable. We operate in sometimes challenging environments but also in some amazing places from palaces and parliaments to famous sports clubs and music venues.

Our company has a culture of long service. We want people to build a long and successful career with us. Currently our longest serving people have been with us for 49 and 48 years!

We set high standards of responsible business practice, which are clearly set out in our Code of Conduct. We believe in being a company that delivers great results and does it the right way, treating colleagues, customers, suppliers and local communities with respect and honesty.

We are a diverse organisation and want to extend this even further as we believe that being diverse and inclusive is not only morally right but also supports business performance by encouraging talented people to join the company, greater innovation and improved results.

We have a commitment to scientific advancement and innovation that sets us apart from the competition. We also have a strong pipeline of innovation and digitally-connected products. We work with Google and other innovative companies to maintain this leadership position and operate at the forefront of our industries.

We are leaders in our fields. We have the best people and we provide the best innovations, digital tools and training and development in our industries.

Our code of conduct can be found here