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What Rentokil Initial expects of its colleagues?

To keep performing at the highest standards expected by our customers, we have some core requirements, which we believe are reasonable expectations of all our colleagues.

All colleagues should embrace Rentokil Initial’s culture of ethical conduct and our high standards of behaviour. This means dealing with customers and colleagues with integrity and respect, working within the bounds of laws and regulations, and respecting the confidentiality of company and customer information.

Rentokil Initial expects everyone to behave in acceptable ways in line with our Code of Conduct. Good conduct also means acting responsibly with regard to the company’s Health & Safety policies and guidelines. 

Put simply, nothing is more important than the safety of our colleagues, customers and other people with whom we come into contact during the delivery of our services. Health & Safety statistics are reviewed at each meeting of the company’s main PLC Board and executive leadership team.

You should live up to the promises made to customers, embrace our values in your day-to-day work, and wherever possible, exceed expectations!

  • Service
    Going the extra mile, performing at your best, being proud of what we do
  • Relationships
    Being open, honest and helpful to customers and colleagues for the long-term
  • Teamwork
    Sharing best practice, collaborating, communicating and working together for the best results
  • Responsibility
    We all owe a duty of care to each other, our customers, local charities, the communities in which we live and work, and to the planet.

Our values are aligned throughout the company. We have also built our values and behaviours into our standard Personal Development Review process. By reviewing progress with their manager, our colleagues can assess their progress, strengths and weaknesses and plan how they will develop and improve.

Rentokil Initial hopes colleagues will be loyal to the company, which means committing to living the brand, recommending its services where possible, staying with the company and enjoying a long, rewarding career. The company respects colleagues of all ages and length of service.

Whether it is the expectation of a customer or colleague, we always strive to exceed them. We set high standards of performance: we want to use our expertise to deliver high performance as standard.

Our expertise comes from the training of our colleagues, our global insight and by innovating to provide the best tools possible.

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What colleagues can expect of Rentokil Initial?

The company will always put safety first. We will never compromise on safety. We have clear policies and provide extensive training. Nothing is more important to us.

We want to create a workplace that makes us all proud. Overwhelmingly, colleagues working at Rentokil Initial are proud to work for our company and feel that their role makes good use of their skills and abilities. They enjoy being involved in an organisation that works to high performance standards, has world-wide leading positions and offers its customers outstanding service, professionalism and innovation. We are also committed to being an ethical and responsible company.

Rentokil Initial colleagues need never feel they are tackling the challenges of their job alone. One of our core values is teamwork, and across every business we find teams can achieve so much more than individuals – teamwork is at the core of our DNA.

At Rentokil Initial we provide rewards in line with market expectations and give colleagues the opportunity to receive additional rewards based on performance. Our approach to global grading and remuneration means colleagues are remunerated for the role they do irrespective of age or gender. We monitor this to ensure we continue to offer a fair and equitable workplace.

While working at Rentokil Initial, colleagues can be sure of recognition for their effort and performance. This takes many forms, from appropriate financial benefits, which are benchmarked using independent analysis, to recognition schemes for delivering great work and other achievements. Put simply, we talk and support one another; making sure that every-day achievements are recognised with a ‘thank you’.

Rentokil Initial offers a wide range of roles to suit all ages, levels of educational attainment and abilities, and everyone has an equal opportunity to advance. Some of our roles are manual and physically challenging, others are sales-focused or office based; but we look first for a good fit with our values and culture. As a result, Rentokil Initial has a culture of long service.

Diversity is important to us and respected. We have a diverse workplace and look to make it as inclusive, open and engaging as we can with leaders who are visible to colleagues and who encourage two-way communication.

Our colleagues have high levels of motivation and are provided with the tools to get the job done. Our latest colleague survey confirms this to be the case, and we are working hard to keep improving the workplace, for instance through the use of digital technologies. We are a company that, thanks to our local business successes and international reach, can offer genuine opportunities.

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Strengthening our focus on DE&I

While we are proud of the progress we have made to date in creating a more diverse and inclusive business, we still believe that there is much more we can do.

Ensuring strong and passionate executive leadership and sponsorship of our DE&I activity remains in place within each region and function across the Company, so that our senior managers are leading from the front on creating a truly diverse and inclusive organisation.

Improving our DE&I data and reporting and using this data to make effective decisions and to set meaningful and stretching targets to ensure future progress.

An ongoing range of actions to build colleague engagement and commitment with education and discussion on DE&I from the top of the organisation, to the frontline. This will include global DE&I training and education programmes and continued reinforcement of zero tolerance of all forms of explicit and implicit discrimination.

Significant activity to expand the recruitment, development and promotion of diverse groups and ensure our resource pools, prospective candidates and internal talent reflect the communities and markets in which we operate.

A specific focus on developing our leaders to be more skilled and assured in addressing diversity and inclusion issues so that they can confidently champion and lead our DE&I agenda.