Innovation and technology at Rentokil Initial

Innovation and Technology

We take pride in embracing cutting-edge solutions that transform industries and elevate the way we serve our customers. 

Each year we launch new products that set new standards for our industries providing our sales teams with exciting new products and services to sell, and new tools for our service teams to use. 

Our commitment to innovation

Throughout your career with Rentokil Initial you will keep learning and be given new tools, new products and new services as we continue to make new advances.

Pair of hand typing on a laptop

We launched a number of ‘world firsts’.

Rentokil Initial colleagues showcasing a Lumnia unit


The first commercial range of LED insect light traps – reducing power consumption for customers by up to 60%, compared to traditional units.

Signature colour washroom range art piece (black soap dispenser surrounded by coloured clouds


One of our ranges of washroom hygiene products that feature a special surface coating that reduces the spread of germs.


The first rodent control system to feature infra-red beams, CO2 instead of traditional poisons, mobile connectivity and 24/7/365 online monitoring.

AQ890 Premium Scenting unit

Premium Scenting

Conventional aerosol air fresheners use heavy droplets that on average cover a ten foot square area for up to ten minutes. Premium Scenting by Ambius uses micron-sized particles that are so light they float and uniformly spread throughout the space.

Rapid pro: Faster, better mouse control


The fastest acting rodenticide on the market. But what’s really clever is that our scientists have created a recipe that rodents love the taste of.

PestOptix camera on tripod

Cutting edge connected cameras

Through our ongoing field trials in the UK and our recent acquisition of Eitan Amichai in Israel, we are developing the use of digital cameras and AI for the automatic identification of pests, providing an early warning system for faster and more effective prevention and control.

Driving innovation through centres of excellence

Rentokil Initial scientists taking samples from jar
Scientist measuring electronic fly trap

Our new Technology Centre in the UK provides a dedicated home for the testing and validation of new products. The facility includes environmental testing, functional testing and being able to carry out thousands of repetitive tasks to ensure validation of sales and marketing claims.

A new Innovation Centre in the US opening this year

This facility will enable the business to support and advance our residential and termite pest control operations in North America. Increasingly, our innovations have a clear and demonstrable benefit for the planet, not just our business, in line with our mission to protect people, enhance lives and preserve the planet.

Front gate of innovation centre

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