Rentokil Initial interesting facts

In the UK, we employ over 250 apprentices and 148 graduates. We have been placed 24th in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers for two years running and have a 99.6% pass rate for the Level 2 Customer Service apprenticeship programme. We have been placed 24th in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers 2022. Our modern, government accredited apprenticeships provide an excellent base for our colleagues to improve and enhance their skills.

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Pest technician at the wheel of her car
Two Initial technicians sharing documentation

We value training! A Level One technician could receive 200 hours of field training, 20 hours of U+ training and 40 hours of classroom training.

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Among our colleagues 85% agreed the Company is making the right decision to operate an environmentally friendly business. In 2022, we reduced our carbon footprint by 1737 tonnes. 

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One of Initial's electric vans
Rentokil Initial scientists in the lab

The Power Centre is our industry-leading facility, home to one of the largest collections of pest insects in Europe. More than 30 different species are maintained including German cockroaches, bed bugs, Indian meal moths, Australian spider beetles, Mediterranean flour moths, mealworm beetles and fruit flies to name a few.

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In 2019 we took Apple's title of the best company to work for.

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Ambius technician talking on the phone

Our innovation pipeline has never been stronger, with over 50 active innovation projects currently in development and 15 patents in progress.

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Signature dispensers in testing facilities
Andy Ransom winner of the 2023 Management today business awards

We won the award for Best Global Expansion at The Management Today Business Awards for 2023 for its M&A programme, including the landmark Terminix transaction. Andy Ransom has been named CEO of the Year.

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This year we’re celebrating the 120th anniversary of Initial. The Initial brand dates back to 1903 when a London towel rental service was introduced.

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Employees celebrating Initial's 120th anniversary at a warehouse with Initial blue signage

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