Asia torch journey

Posting date: 24/50/23

Carrying the RI torch across Asia and MENAT

Rentokil Initial is not just any company. Rentokil Initial is a company with its feet planted squarely on solid ground and with a phenomenal vision to become the most loved and respected services business on the planet.

But how do you share this message in a region across 23 countries where around 2,000 languages are spoken? This was going to need a creative solution. Undaunted, the Asia and MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) HR and management team planned a special campaign to bring our shared Mission, Vision and Values to all colleagues across the region. Starting in Shanghai, an electronic torch would be passed from country to country in an Olympic-style relay. Colleagues would gather at each hand-over point to meet the management team and learn more about our shared culture. And so the four-month journey began, with the torch travelling 80,000 kilometres to over 700 branches. Congratulations to everyone involved who took part in this amazing event!

In Mumbai the torch featured in a marathon – with 31 colleagues taking turns to carry it over 100 kms. They took 16 hours to reach Pune where the torch was officially handed over. Amazing job!

Posted byGavin Foley
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