Rentokil technicianinspecting a radar connect unit in a kitchen
Rentokil Initial operates around 3,000 local teams in sales and service roles across most of the world’s largest towns and cities.

Who we are

We’re a local company with an international reach across 90 countries.

Rentokil Initial is committed to be a world-class Employer of Choice. We aim to attract, recruit and retain the best people from the widest possible pool of talent.

Our customers range from the local supermarket and restaurant to large-scale industrial plants and food production companies.

This is a fast growing company. Over the last five years we have expanded significantly and our growth story continues with market-leading innovations, the latest digital tools and great training for colleagues.

As a FTSE 100 company, we take our responsibilities to colleagues, customers, shareholders, the environment and communities in which we work seriously.

Two Female Rentokil Pest Control Technicians With Sprayers

Our technicians provide important services to customers such as pest control, washroom hygiene, plants and scenting services.

Female Ambius Technician With Bunch Of Flowers

Our people are practical, hard-working and great at building long-term relationships with customers and other people in their teams.

Male Initial Hygiene Technician Changing Silver Soap Dispenser

Our sales teams are also based locally to ensure that they have great local knowledge and a wide range of companies to target.

Our values

Our values are Service, Relationships, Teamwork and Responsibility. These are at the heart of our business. Grounded, down-to-earth values, just like the people who wear our uniforms across the world. You get to build relationships with your customers and colleagues - most are with us for years so you get to know them; and they get to know you.

They’re proud to wear the shirt.

We hope you will be too.

Pest technician speaking to supermarket manager

Our vision

Our vision is to be the most loved and respected services business on the planet—delivering in THE RIGHT WAY.

We aim to build an organisation where everyone with skill, imagination and determination, whatever their gender, race, colour, nationality, age, sexual orientation, physical ability or background, can reach the highest level based on merit alone.

Our promise to our colleagues

Rentokil Pest Control Technician Talking To A Customer

Our mission is to Protect People, Enhance Lives and Preserve our Planet

Do you want to help protect people, enhance lives and preserve our planet?

We do this in many ways, such as controlling mosquitoes linked to diseases like Dengue Fever, Zika virus and Malaria; reducing the spread of germs through more effective hand washing facilities; promoting safer workplaces; and providing colourful planting that enhances work environments and other interior spaces. There are many ways in which we protect people, enhance lives and preserve the planet.

Join a world leading company

Female Initial Hygiene Technician In Front Of Initial Van

Our colleagues are our brand

You are our brand.

Our people are our business – they are our experts and deliver a great service for our customers.

They also demonstrate great commitment to each other every day as one team. As a growing company we know that to keep succeeding we must inspire our colleagues and attract new talented people to join us.

Our colleagues are experts in their fields. They represent Rentokil Initial and deliver our high quality services to customers.

Whatever your experience or background, age or education, with the right attitude and values, there’s a perfect role for you here at Rentokil Initial.

Pest technician pointing to the sky next to a falconer

Our heritage

At Rentokil Initial we have a long heritage of service and innovation.

The Initial brand dates back to 1903 when customer’s own initials were stitched into their towels and linen to ensure they only received their own items back. Rentokil dates back to 1925 when the wooden roof of London’s Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament was under threat by Deathwatch beetle. Our founder created a new fluid which successfully controlled the infestation and the rest is history.

Innovation has been in our DNA ever since.

Leaders in innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA as a company. Each year we launch new products that set new standards for our industries providing our sales teams with exciting new products and services to sell, and new tools for our service teams to use.

Throughout your career with Rentokil Initial you will keep learning and be given new tools, new products and new services as we continue to make new advances.

Recently the company has launched a number of ‘world firsts’.

Rentokil Pest Control Lumnia Unit

the first commercial range of LED insect light traps – reducing power consumption for customers by up to 60%, compared to traditional units.

Initial Hygiene Washroom Signature Range

one of our ranges of washroom hygiene products that feature a special surface coating that reduces the spread of germs.

Male Rentokil Pest Control Technician Kneeling Down

the first rodent control system to feature infra-red beams, CO2 instead of traditional poisons, mobile connectivity and 24/7/365 online monitoring.

Male PremiumScenting Technician With Scenting Applicator
Premium Scenting

conventional aerosol air fresheners use heavy droplets that on average cover a ten foot square area for up to ten minutes. Premium Scenting by Ambius uses micron-sized particles that are so light they float and uniformly spread throughout the space.


the fastest acting rodenticide on the market. But what’s really clever is that our scientists have created a recipe that rodents love the taste of.


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