3,500 Trees

Posting date: 24/40/23

Another 3,500 trees planted in the Pacific!

This year eight colleagues from Ambius and Initial Hygiene joined 132 volunteers in the largest community tree planting weekend at the Nightwings rainforest to plant over 3,500 trees.

Ambius has long supported the efforts of Rainforest Rescue, helping to protect over 2.56 hectares of Daintree lowland, preserving this iconic, unique Australian ecosystem for future generations. Ambius has also been one of the biggest contributors to the tree planting initiative by the funding of seedlings – providing an additional 1,200 plants in 2023. This year, Rainforest Rescue has taken a big step forward by establishing a brand-new nursery. Marine Deliens, Rainforest Rescue’s Nursery Manager, is really proud of what they’ve achieved so far, saying: “We currently have 21,000 plants here since moving from a little bush nursery growing about 12,000 trees a year. We’re going to be collecting a lot more seeds, so we’ll be adjusting the way in which we collect, minimising the pressure on the environment while still maintaining genetic diversity.” Great job, team!

Posted byGavin Foley
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